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Polarization Extinction Ratio Meter for PMF Patch Cords

This product measures "polarization extinction ratio" and"gmisalignment angle of polarization maintaining axis orientation and its connector key orientation" of PMF patch cords with connectors by inserting the cords into the optical adapter parts. This design enables very reproducible and highly precise monitoring and evaluations.

Polarization of thin LD modules can be evaluated and optical devices can be assembled (polarization axis adjustment) using excitation units (option).

* In addition, special orders for fiber array, external units, other wavelength, etc. are also accepted.

- Evaluation of Polarization Maintaining Fibers with Connectors
- Measurement of polarization extinction ratio
- Measurement of the misalignment angle of the connector key and the PMF polarization maintaining axis

- Evaluation of Optical Device Assembly Polarization (Option)
- Evaluation of polarization for LD modules with polarization maintaining fibers, etc.
- Achievement of highly precise optical device assembly polarization axis adjustment

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Typical Specifications

Compatible Wavelength
1550 [nm] or 1310 [nm] or 850 [nm] or 680[nm]
Extinction Ratio Range
0-40 [dB]
0.1 [dB]
Polarization Angle Resolution
0.1 [deg]
Measurement Time
Assembly Mode (For Excitation Option)
Inspection Mode (For Excitation Option)
< 20 [sec]
< 30 [sec]
< 0.5 [sec]
Optical Adapter
(DUT Interface Part)
(by replacing adapters)
Connection Interface
11.5[kg] (for full implementation)
Operating Temperature
10-40 [deg C]
Power Supply Voltage/Frequency
Power Consumption
90-12 5[Vac] / 50-60 [Hz]
50 [Wmax]
2 [A] 250 [V]

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Ordering Instructions

- Control Unit Model: RPM

Order format:

- Light Source Unit Model: RLS

Order format:

- Rotating Polarization Unit Model: RPR

Order format:

- Measurement Unit Model:RMH

Order format:

- Excitation Motor Drive Unit Model: RMD

Order format:

(1)Wavelength 15: 1550nm 13: 1310nm 85: 850nm 68: 680nm
(2)Optical Adapter
FS: FC/SC interchangeable 4C: FC/SC/MU/LC interchangeable

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