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Focusing Module

This focusing module is convenient for optical coupling of semiconductor lasers (LD) and semiconductor optical amplifiers (SOA), and also optical coupling experiments of various waveguides in the optical communication wavelength band or in a range from near-infrared to visible wavelength region.
This module is designed to place a Φ2.5-mm tip as close as possible to the element.

- Highly efficient LD light focus
- Highly efficient optical coupling to waveguides
- Small-sized for easy implementation
- Easy selection of specifications and options
depending on applications

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Various types of focusing modules are successfully developed to handle special magnification or wavelength.
Please refer to the following list for an introduction to some of the variations.

Built-In Isolator Type

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Primarily suitable for use in the communication bandwidth (1300 nm and 1550 nm)
(Please contact us for other wavelengths.)
- Capability to control reflection from fibers ends and elements
- Polarization type and polarization-independent type are also available options.

Built-In Polarizer Type

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- Use in a range from visible region to the telecommunication band
(Please specify a center wavelength to be used.)
- Suitable for focusing to polarization-dependent elements

Built-In Rotating Linear Polarization Mechanism Type

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- Use in a range from visible region to the telecommunication band
(Please specify a center wavelength to be used.)
- Focusing of linearly polarized light with high extinction ratio in an arbitrary direction

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Ordering Instructions

- Focusing Module

Order format:

1) Configuration example: Spot diameter:1.8um,SMF, Φ0.9mm fibers,SC Connector
Product: Focusing Module
Order format example: CLMA-13-1.8-S9 / S

2) Configuration example: Spot diameter:4.5um, PMF, FC Connector, Φ3mmPVC cord, Extinction ratio > 25dB, Built-in Polarization type ISO
Product: Focusing Module
Order format example: CLMA-15-4.5-P3 / F-25-IA

* Specifications may be changed without prior notice for product improvement.

Model CLMA
(1)Wavelength 15: 1550nm 13: 1310nm
10: 1060nm 98: 980nm
85: 850nm 78: 780nm 65: 650nm
Insertion Loss < 0.8dB(excluding adapter connection loss)
Reflection Attenuation Amount
> 50dB (1.5μm, 1.31μm)
> 40dB(near-infrared to visible ranges to warrant the design)
Single-Mode Type
(1310 and 1550 nm)
(2) Spot Diameter
1.8 2.8 3.9 4.5 6.3
W.D. (mm) 0.3 0.3 0.3 1.0 1.7
(3)Optical Fiber *3 S: SMF P: PMF ( L=1.0m )
Dispersion Shift Type
(1550 nm)
(2) Spot Diameter
2.2 3.1 3.6 5.0 5.8
W.D. (mm) 0.3 0.3 0.3 1.0 1.7
(3)Optical Fiber *3 D: DSF (L=1.0m)
Near-Infrared to Visible Ranges (2) Spot Diameter
Please specify a spot diameter and a W.D. of your choice
We will consider your request to optimize our proposal.
W.D. (mm)
(3)Optical Fiber *3 We propose wavelength-suitable fibers.
(4) Line Type 3: Φ3mmPVC cord 9: Φ0.9mm fibers
(5) Optical Connector F: FC/SPC S: SC/SPC
FA: FC/Angled PC SA: SC/Angled PC
(6) Extinction Ratio none: > 20dB 25: >25dB(only at the time of PMF selection)
(7) Built-i n Optics *2 Not Coded: None IA: Polarization Type Built-In ISO
IB: Non-Polarization Type Built-In ISO P: Polarizer
*1 Spot diameter values are obtained based on a geometric optics calculation method.
*2 Please contact us for different characteristics of built-in isolator type.
*3 Appropriate fibers for each wavelength will be used.

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