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Broadband Dielectric Multilayer Mirror

This broadband dielectric multilayer mirror has two types of oxide dielectric alternate multilayer films with different refractive indices that were vapor deposited on a flat substrate using ion-assisted film-forming technology.
This product is easy to handle due to a high reflectivity of 99% and above in comparison to metal mirrors, and an equivalent mirror surface solidity to glass.

- High reflectivity of 99% and above in a wide range wavelength, such as 400-1200 nm or 600-1700 nm
- Capability to use an incident angle range of 0-50 degrees
- High reflectance from both P and S polarized lights
- Almost no deterioration due to aging
- Capability to be used under high temperature and high humidity
- High CW laser proof stress due to almost no absorption loss in comparison to metal mirrors

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Typical Specifications

Model BBMR
Wavelength Range 400 - 1200nm or 600 - 1700nm
Reflectance > 99%
Incidence Angle 0 - 50 deg.
Size Φ30 x 5tmm, Φ25.4 x 5tmm
Substrate Quartz
Substrate Surface Precision λ/10 632.8nm
Parallelism Within 3 minutes
Effective Diameter 80% of the actual diameter

Wavelength Characteristics of Reflectance(1) * Wavelength Range:400 - 1200nm

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Wavelength Characteristics of Reflectance(2) * Wavelength Range:600 - 1700nm

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Ordering Instructions

- Broadband Dielectric Multilayer Mirror

Order format:

1) Product: Broadband Dielectric Multilayer Mirror
Order format example: BBMR-400 / 1200-B

(1) Wavelength 400/1200: 400 - 1200nm__600/1700: 600 - 1700nm
(2) External Diameter of Substrates A: Φ30mm B: Φ25.4mm (1inch)

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