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Rack Type Wavelength Tunable Filter Unit

Wavelength can be tuned by changing the angle of an oxide dielectric bandpass filter. This module rotates oxide dielectric bandpass filters with a micrometer to control wavelength. This product combines the modules as units. A 3U rack can contain up to 8 units.

- Capability to tune wavelength of multi-cavity bandpass filters
- Exchangeable holder type filters
- Filter holder with capability for common use with rack type and cartridge type
- All units (polarization controllers, optical delay lines, etc.) are exchangeable and can be arbitrarily combined within a rack.

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Model RTFA
Insertion Loss* < 1.0 dB (Typ) @ Max. wavelength
Wavelength Tunable Range* 30 nm (Typ)
Return Loss* > 50 dB
Optical Fiber SMF or DSF or PMF
Optical Adapter FC Type or SC Type
* The value may vary depending on the characteristics of bandpass filters.

Product Dimensions

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Combination example: RTFA(8ch)
* Polarization controller units, optical delay line units, variable optical attenuator units can also be combined.

Ordering Instructions

- Rack Type Wavelength Tunable Filter Unit

Configuration example:

1) Product: Rack Type Wavelength Tunable Filter Unit
Order format example: RTFA-1570-1 / 2-D / F

2) Product: Shelf for 19inch rack
Order format example: RC-19

(1) Wavelength Tunable Maximum Wavelength
(2) Half Bandwidth 0.6, 1, 3, 5, 10, 15 and 20 nm
* Otherwise, customizable.
(3) Number of Cavities 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 cavities
* Otherwise, customizable.
(4) Optical Fiber S: SMF D:DSF S: SMF
(5) Optical Connector F: FC/SPC S: SC/SPC
FA: FC/Angled PC
*Please refer to the reference page for the filter characteristics here.

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