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IR Window(Silicon)

A window with a substrate made of single-crystal silicon. No absorption in the infrared region up to 6μm. With anti-reflective (AR) coating on the both faces, the product delivers even superior transmission properties highly suitable for windows.

- The AR-coated model offers high transmission
properties for a wide range of light (3μm-5μm).
- The product can be used as a window for
specimen observation, laser irradiation, etc.

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Typical Specifications

Model SIWI
Wavelength Range 3 - 5m or 2 - 6m
AR Coating Y N
(One Side)
< 2.0% -
Size Φ25 x 1tmm, Φ30 x 1tmm
Substrate Single-crystal silicon
Parallelism Within 3 minutes
Scratch-Dig 60-40
Effective Diameter 80% of the actual diameter

Wavelength Characteristics of Reflectance(AR-coated)

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Wavelength Characteristics of Reflectance(AR-uncoated)

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Ordering Instructions

- IR Window (Silicon)

Order format:

1) Product: IR Window (Silicon)
Order format example: SIWI-A-C

(1) AR-coating
A: 3-5μm N: Uncoated
(2) External diameter of substrate A: Φ30mm C: Φ25mm
* External diameter and thickness can be customised.

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