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Power Monitor Cassette

This cassette is designed to be installed in the OPTOQUEST Standard Cartridge Type Coupling Module to monitor optical power during propagation.
This design eliminates the need for re-connection of optical fibers to check the optical propagation intensity and enables fiber use in a quiescent state, allowing optical volume confirmation without changing the polarization status with SMF.

- Low insertion loss
- dB/dBm switch display
- Automatic power-off
- Battery driven

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Optical Specifications

Model PCC
Wavelength 1530nm -1570nm (calibration wavelength)
Available Wavelength Range 1470nm - 1630nm
Insertion Loss < 0.6dB
Display Accuracy < 0.5dB *1
Input Light Intensity +10dBm to -30dBm
Sampling Speed 1kHz
Automatic Power-Off 30min in non-operation
Display 7seg LCD
BS Branch Ratio 95:05:00
* 1: When used in conjunction with attenuators, the display accuracy is < 1.0 dB.

The external shape design may be changed
without prior notice.

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Typical Specifications

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Usage Example

Configuration example: Coupling Module
(λ/4 Wave Plate / λ/2 Wave Plate / Power Monitor Cassette)

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Ordering Instructions

Product:Power Monitor Cassette
Order format: PCC15-M

(*Please use this product by setting to the Standard Cartridge Type Coupling Module.)

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