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Motorized Polarization Controller

This orthodox polarization controller consists of a combination of polarization control elements, such as polarizers, λ/4 wave plates and λ/2 wave plates.
Each polarization element may be freely chosen, such as a single plate, achromatism for broadband wavelength, high-power compatibility, specification wavelength, phase difference specification, polarizer, etc. Various polarization conditions can be produced through 0.1-degree angle adjustments with a highly accurate rotation mechanism.
This product is recommended for a wide range of applications, such as optical communications, optical measurement, biotechnology, and other research institutions, etc


- Low insertion loss, low loss fluctuation, and high return loss
- Compatibility with a wide range of polarizing element variations
- Simple and flexible operation panels, angle specification, relative angles and constant speed rotation
- A wide variety of options and high functionality
- Capability to be manually operated and externally controlled

Key Applications

- PDL measurement in combination with optical power meters

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Typical Specifications

Model RPC05C
Structure P-Q-H Q-H-Q Q-H
Insertion Loss < 0.9dB < 0.9dB < 0.8dB
Loss Fluctuation < 0.03dB
Return Loss > 50dB
Wavelength 1550 nm, 1310 nm or Broadband
Optical Fiber SMF or DSF or PMF
Optical Adapter SC/FC Inter-Exchangeable Type Adapter


External Control USB
Power Source AC 90-240 V
Power Consumption < 30 [W]
Operating Temperature 10-45 [deg C]
Storage Temperature 0-60 [deg C]
Dimensions (W x H x D) 260 x 99 x 280 [mm]
Weight 5 [kg]

Ordering Instructions

- Motorized Polarization Controller

Order forma:

1)Configuration example: λ:1550nm, Polarizer + λ/4+ λ/2, Fiber: DSF, Connector: SC/SPC,
Product: Motorized Polarization Controller (3-stage)
Order format example: RPC05C-15-D/S (15P/15Q/15H)

2)Configuration example: λ:1310nm, λ/4+ λ/2, Fiber: SMF, Connector: SC/SPC,
Product: Motorized Polarization Controller (2-stage)
Order format example: RPC05C-13-S/S (13Q/13H)

(1) Wavelength 15: 1550 nm 13: 1310 nm B: Broadband(1260-1620nm)*
(2) Optical Fiber S: SMF D: DSF P: PMF
(3) Types of Polish F: FC/SPC S: SC/SPC
FA: FC/Angled PC SA: SC/Angled PC
*When you chose the Angled PC, the adapter is the fixed type.
(4) Configuration P: Polarizer Q: λ/4 Wave plate H: λ/2 Wave plate
*Broadband type (1260-1620nm) is option.

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