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Polarization We are pleased to introduce you to a part of our Polarization Control Related Products.

Cartridge Series
In this series, a large variety of optical components are modularized as cassettes which enable easy application for various optical experiments and optical measurement.
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Rack Type Polarization Controller Unit
Manually produce various polarization states. This product combines them as units and can hold up to 8 units in a 3U rack.
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Motorized Polarization Controller
Consists of a combination of polarization control elements, such as polarizers, λ/4 wave plates and λ/2 wave plates.Details >>

Auto-Tracking Linear Polarization Controller
Realizes stable linear polarization output, even though polarization input is unstable.
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PDL Generator
Generate arbitrary PDL with high precision and high resolution for inputted linearly polarized light, and then output the light.
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Polarization Composition/SeparationCoupler
Uses optical crystals as elements for polarization composition and separation, can be conveniently used for composition of LD light for excitation in optical fiber amplifiers.
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Polarizer Module
Small-sized module enables pick up of specific polarization conditions by making the polarized light pass-through.
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